Online Projects

In addition to the many publications available from ICR on the web, ICR has also been involved in developing web-based research projects.  These projects have used the internet as a way to explore community relations, mediation and as a further resource to develop training online. 

Web-based ICR projects include: 

Divided We Stand? Mapping division in Northern Ireland (ongoing): This pilot project looks at where young people in six locations in Nortern Ireland tend to spend their lives in a territorial sense by using GPS tracking devices which record their movements, which will be downloaded and overlaid onto maps, to give an accurate visual representation of exactly where they go over a typical week.The project will be presented on a dedicated website. The lead partner for the project is the The Nerve Centre.  

EUTOPIA (2009) ICR has worked on the EUTOPIA (European Training Organisations Programme for Innovative and Alternative Mediation Tools) Project, developed by the Department of Psychology at the Federico II University of Naples.  The project includes work done by organisations based in three countries: Cooperativa Passaggi, an NGO, based in Naples, Italy; Index Research and Dialogue, based in Nicosia, Cyprus; and the Institute for Conflict Research, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. ICR was responsible for carrying out a needs analysis to explore a variety of issues in relation to mediation use and training in Northern Ireland.

Global Peacebuilders (2008) ICR took part in the development of the Global Peacebuilders Project.  The project aims to connect peacebuilders from across the world to exchange skills, share good practice and explore collaborative ventures.  By connecting organisations, individual practitioners, researchers and other groups worldwide, Global Peacebuilders offers a solid platform for learning, exchange of innovative practice and development of international partnerships for reconciliation and peacebuilding.

Insight on Conflict (2008): ICR prepared the Northern Ireland section of background materials and case studies for a multi-national project on conflict intervention and peace building for Insight on Conflict.

NERVE CENTRE: ICR prepared a number of modules for an online community relations training resource for the Nerve Centre, a multi media project in Derry.



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