Our research work includes projects that we have initiated ourselves, research that we have been specifically commissioned to undertake and other work that we have competed for under a tendering process.

Our current research includes major projects on the impact of social segregation on people's daily routines and developing relationships and trust between working class communities and the police.

Our current and previous research includes the following projects:

Conflict & Violence

Protestant-Catholic Conflict: Historical Legacies and Contemporary Realities (2010-2012): This project is part of the Global Uncertainties initiative and is funded by the AHRC and ESRC and is a partnership with the Open University (lead partner) Project website.

Development of an Evaluation Framework for Peacebuilding at Interface Areas (2009): Research within the Southwest cluster areas, including Cookstown, Dungannon and South Tyrone, Fermanagh and Magherafelt district council areas on interface areas and shared spaces.

Desecration to Reconciliation (2008-2009): Research into the scale and nature of violent attacks on religious buildings and property.  

Local Accommodation. Effective Practice in Responding to Disputes over Parades (2008-2009): An analysis of the most effective responses to disputes over parades in selected areas of Northern Ireland.

Eutopia Project (2007-2009): The development of an online mediation training programme and needs analysis report, carried out with partners in Italy and Cyprus.

Insight on Conflict (2008): A summary review of fifty Northern Irish peace building initiatives carried out for an online resource

Parades and Protests: A Bibliography (2007): A summary of all reports and papers related to the recent disputes over parades in Northern Ireland.

Review of Interface Issues in Derry (2007): A review of key issues to inform local partners in developing more strategic responses to violence in interface areas.

Mapping Exercise on Anti-Social Behaviour (2007): An overview of statutory and community initiatives to counter anti-social behaviour in eight Belfast parks.

Best Practice in Reducing Interface Violence (2006): A review of current best practice by the community sector across the main interface areas of Belfast.

Interface Bibliography (2005): A summary of all reports and papers on interface communities in Northern Ireland.

Interface Violence in East Belfast (2005): An investigation into origins and impact of the violence around the Short Strand and Inner East Belfast during 2002.


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